About me

Ciao, mi chiamo Vincenzo Chindemi e sono un front-end developer dal 2014.
Vincenzo Chindemi foto

I am a Web Designer & Web Developer

During my career I partecipated in the creation of particularly complex websites and / or  web applications, I have the ability to do my work independently following the mockup that is provided to me and / or that realized by sharing it with the client.

My passion for everything related to IT leads me to keep up to date on new technologies, languages or frameworks, comparing myself with others who share my passion on various blogs or on various communities.

In these 5 years I worked for several companies, from north to south of Italy including Avanade Italy, Netskin, JO Consulting, P.M.F, OTO and at last ARM23.

I am passionate about marketing and design and I am always looking for the right mix of graphic interface, ease of use and visual and content communication.

My skills

During these years, during which I worked for different companies, I developed technical skills and soft skills.

The main technical skills acquired during my career are the following.

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Angular 60

Find out more about me by downloading my curriculum vitae

Senior Front-end developer

@ ARM23 
1/1/2019 – 31/5/2019

I implemented new features regarding the development of arm23 internal CMS

Front-end developer

@ OTO 
3/3/2017 – 3/6/2017

I developed websites and maintained Welcome Travel websites implemented before.


@ JO Group
1/5/2015 – 29/12/2015

I developed and maintained company’s websites.

Junior Sharepoint developer/ Front-end developer

@ Avanade Italy
7/4/2014 – 7/10/2014

I implemented features with jQuery technology and I fixed bugs jQuery and javascript


@ ARM23 
1/9/2017 – 31/12/2018

I maintained, restyled and implemented new features about company’s websites

Front-end developer / Web developer

@ P.M.F. 
1/1/2016 -1/1/2017

In P.M.F. I restyled VITECO’s e-learning platforms and I implemented company’s Erasmus+ websites.

Webmaster/ Web developer

@ Netskin
7/4/2014 – 7/10/2014

I developed and maintained websites for individuals and small and medium-sized businesses.